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Project Name: Starch Industry

Introduction: The company is mainly engaged in the following aspects: starch industry, potato products, glucose industry, vegetables and fruits processing, rice and flour products and automation control.


2、项目名称:沼气、CNG LNG供气装置及燃气发动机喷射、控制系统



Project Name: Biogas, CNG, and LNG Supply Apparatuses, Gas Engine Injection and Control System

Introduction: Our company provides portable supporting services of minimized biogas generator set, transforms aquaculture into green ecological industry chain with zero pollution and zero discharge, achieves the reuse of waste, supplements the energy supply, and increases economic benefits.

Using biogas as fuel, gas generator set converts primary energy into two or more than two products: electric power and hot water. Specifically, downsizing and modular power generation system is set near the users, which uses biogas as fuel to generate electricity for users, and provides cooling water generated by gas generator set for users' heating. With the multi-use of primary energy, energy saving effect is remarkable. Besides, there are lots of advantages, such as environmental protection, short construction periods, quick recovery and ensuring the reliability of electricity. The generated output of supporting biogas ranges from 10kW to 100 kW.




Project Name: Low-Carbon Energy Development And Research

Introduction: So far, the research institute is mainly engaged in the following fields: development and research of low-carbon energy techniques, research on development policies of clean energy, R&D and project demonstration of photoelectricity technology, R&D and popularization  and application of photothermal techniques, techniques consultation and training.




Project Name: Technology introduction of new-type modified rosin exclusively used in flux

Introduction: Taking advantages of various pine trees, low cost of wood tapping, and low labor cost in ASEAN countries, and addressing shortcomings of single performance,  easily crystallizing and thick and wide volume, we have developed new-type modified rosin, to increase indicators of electronic flux, improve products yields, and  popularize the products and techniques to ASEAN markets.



项目简介:本技术对国产优秀成熟的商务软件、办公自动化、企业管理及行业应用等软件产品进行优化筛选,针对东盟用户的使用习惯、语言及个性化需要进行界面翻译转换与定制,内容包括文字自动翻译插件、输入/输出字符集支持、用户界面重构设计、数据库本地化功能增强、工程测试以及桌面排版 (DTP)等,并利用云计算和大数据等最新计算机技术进行二次开发,形成面向东盟国家的软件出口或商务、技术合作,以快速满足东盟国家市场的生产、文化和技术需求。

Project Name: Localization developing services and cooperation of software and application system facing ASEAN markets

Introduction: The technique optimizes and filters home-made excellent and mature business software, and software products such as office automation, enterprises management and industry application. According to the using habits, language and individualized needs of ASEAN users, we can have interface translation shift and customize, whose contents include text automatic translation plug-in, input/output character set support, restructuring design of users interface, strengthening database localization functions, engineering test and desktop publishing (DTP), and carry out secondary development by using the latest computer technologies including cloud calculation and big data, to go on software export facing to ASEAN countries or cooperate in the fields of business and technologies, so as to meet the needs of production, culture and technologies in ASEAN countries.




Project Name: Outsourcing and cooperation of software and information services facing ASEAN markets

Introduction: The center has been engaged in software development and information technology services for a long time,  holds several patented technologies and is capable of software export. Based on building international Internet required by developing service outsourcing, the center develops a public service platform system of China-ASEAN software and information service outsourcing, forms a set of outsourced and outsourcing process regulations and system, and contributes to the outsourced and outsourcing projects between enterprises and ASEAN countries. Based on this platform, the center starts outsourced business with countries like Malaysia and Singapore, and starts outsourcing business with countries like Thailand and Vietnam, or cooperates with related departments or enterprises in these countries, to collaboratively build  an outsourcing base of China-ASEAN software and information service.




Project Name: Green manufacture technology of cement

Introduction: The technique integrates the following techniques together: high-effective, energy-saving powder grinding technology, design technology for green ecological cement grinding production lines optimization,  raw mill homogenization technology, home-made new-type dry-process cement technology, energy-saving technology of residual heat utilization, anthracite classifier and spark lighter technology. We have popularize and exploit the technique in ASEAN countries. Meanwhile, based on the vital and common problems of high consumption and high pollution in cement industry in ASEAN countries, we specifically generalize China advanced cement production technology achievements to cement industry in ASEAN countries, so as to provide technological support for China cement industry technology transformation and improve international competitiveness of the industry.




Project Name: New solar energy technology that heats water with high efficiency but low cost

Introduction: Through integration of new practical patented technologies with proprietary intellectual property right, including  high temperature electron tubes, highly active condenser hot wells, aluminum alloy posts, and automated water valves. This project strives to popularize highly efficient and low-cost solar energy technology together with ASEAN countries. By this kind of technology transfer, China can spread its advanced and appropriate technology in renewable sources to the outside world.




Project Name: Ecological Aquatic Breeding System in Sea Water and Fresh Water

Introduction: The main products of our company are diatom and ecological supporting systems, which are suitable for aquatic breeding varieties in sea water and fresh water, such as sea cucumber, sea-ear, shrimps, crabs, fish  and shellfish. The characteristics of products are that diatom is used as staple food or supplemented food; it maintains high and stable yields even feedstuffs are none or reduced by 30%-40% to aquatic varieties;  auxiliary products of our company are used to deal with damage by disease in ponds in ecological management instead of medication. All of the characteristics have remarkable social, ecological and economic benefits. Our products are sold around China, and exported to neighboring countries like Vietnam, South Korea, North Korea and Indonesia.




Project Name: Separation Technique of Corn-Colloid Portion

Introduction: The technique is used to process  corn-colloid portion (non-starch content portion) during the process of producing dry-method corn starch to ensure the purity of the starch.


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