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89. Youxi County Joint Terrace Tourism Development Project

Description:It is planned to develop 21 km of Lianhe Terrace Featured Landscape Corridor

Contact person:Chen Jian Tel:12 view decks; newly construct the Terrace Tourism Service Center, Crouching Tiger Rock Picking Agricultural Area, Yunshan Leisure Resorts, Dongbian Leisure Agriculture Featured Village, Yunshan Leisure Resort, Lianyun Folk Characteristics Village; and construct 500 mu of all year irrigated terrace for sightseeing and photography. The project is located in Lianhe Town, Youxi County, Fujian Province.

Reasons and conditions:Lianhe Terrace is magnificent and in a large scale, stretching across eight villages of the medium and high mountainous area, with an area of ten thousand Mu. Since recently, the popularity of Lianhe Terrace has been gradually improved, which is known as the most beautiful terraces in Fujian Province, and has a reputation as one of “China’s Five Most Charming Terraces". It has become a photography base in Fujian Province, and has been awarded as China's important agricultural cultural heritage by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2***

Preliminary work:The General Plan of Lianhe Terrace Tourism District has been completed. It is planned to complete the construction of two view decks, and 200 mu sightseeing terraces of canola flower, lotus, and special rice.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 316 million yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits: After the completion of the project, the estimated annual operating income is about RMB 144 million yuan, the pre-tax profit is RMB 65 million yuan, the investment profit margin is 14.3%, and the investment recovery period is 7 years.

Contact us:Tourism Bureau of Youxi County, Fujian Province

Contact person:Zhang Qijing Tel:0598-5080***

Contact person:Chen Jian Tel:1306700***



90. 龙海市双第生态旅游度假区项目招商引资










90. Longhai City Shuangdi Eco-Tourism Resort Project

Description:The project is located in Shuangdi Huaqiao Economic Development Zone of Longhai City, and the whole region has a total planned area of 31 square kilometers. It is planned to develop holiday resort, comprehensive service area, sports and leisure resorts, eco-agriculture tourism experience area, meditation and praying area.

Reasons and conditions: Shuangdi Eco-tourism Resort is located at central southern part of Longhai City, the area has retained the old style original ecology and complete ecological vegetation. It has a forest coverage rate of 86.2%, with a reputation of the "Natural Oxygen Bar". The surroundings have Qingan Temple, Zhou Fan Academy, Tiancheng Mountain Scenic Area, Earth Round Building and other historical and cultural monuments.

Preliminary work:The preparation work for the general planning of Shuangdi Eco-tourism Resort has been completed initially; right now we are actively seeking for the supporting facilities such as road development, water, electricity and so on.

Total investment:The total planned investment is $ 70 million, of which the foreign investment is $ 56 million.

Analysis of economic benefits:Broad development space and great potential.

Contact us:Shuangdi Huaqiao Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee of Longhai City

Contact person:Zhuang Lixin Tel:1390695***


91. 福州市轨道交通2号线项目招商引资










91. Fuzhou City Rail Transit Line 2 Project

Description:The project is to build electrical and mechanical system (including power supply, integrated supervision, station security equipment, communication, signal, part of VAC, part of water supply and drainage, fire control, AFC, station auxiliary equipment, vehicle segment and parking lot process equipment etc.)

Contact person:Chen Jian Tel:186 vehicles, rail engineering of Fuzhou City Rail Transit Lin***

Reasons and conditions:The Project starts from Suyang Village, Minhou County in the west to Gushan, Jin’an District in the east. There are 22 stations in total with total distance of about 29.289 km, it connects major education research area, major industrial area, Historical and Cultural Center of Fuzhou and large residential area in series, which is good for easing passenger flow of east-west direction in Fuzhou City.

Preliminary work:The feasibility study report and the preliminary design has been approved, land acquisition and removal, pipeline removal and modification and other preparatory work are underway. Construction unit have started working on site.

Total investment:The investment will be RMB 4.15 billion yuan. A joint venture agreement will be signed between private investors and Fuzhou City Metro Limited Liability Company, and the equity investment ratio is 95% to 5% to establish project company, who will sign loan agreement with financial agency.

Analysis of economic benefits:Revenues of project company will come from ticket sales, commercial-related sales and government subsidies after completion, the internal profit rate of shareholders is 6%-8%.

Contact us:Fuzhou City Metro Limited Liability Company

Contact person:Lin Yunzhi Tel:1396081***


92. 闽侯县龙祥岛土地一级开发项目招商引资










92. Primary Land Development Project of Longxiang Island, Minhou County

Description:It is planned to develop municipal infrastructure within the scope of Longxiang Island. The total planned area is about 6.44 square kilometers (9660 mu), in which the conditional construction land area is about 2.35 square kilometers (3525 mu), and the overall plot ratio is 1.25, the building density is 29%, building height limit is 36 meters (50 meters locally), and the total building volume is nearly 2 million square meters.

Reasons and conditions: Longxiang Island is only about half an hour's drive away from Fuzhou City, connecting the City downtown with the southern and southeastern parts. As the Ecological Green Center connecting the Wulong River, Nantai Island and Qingkou Town, Longxiang Island will serve as an international eco-tourism island that integrates the Cross-strait Peace Forum Permanent Venue, Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Incubator, Smart Old-Age Care and Healthcare Resort and Holiday Theme Destination.

Preliminary work:Currently, the regulatory detailed planning has been completed, and the urban designing work is underway.

Total investment:The total investment will be about RMB 13 billion yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits: After completion of the international eco-tourism island, it is expected to attract 120,000 tourists every year, creating 18,000 jobs; and return on investment is 8% during the primary land development period.

Contact us:Fuzhou Strait Longxiang Construction Co., Ltd.

Contact person:Zhang Chao Tel:1855988***


93. 罗源县污水系统建设工程项目招商引资











93. Sewage System Construction Project of Luoyuan County

Description:It is planned to develop the Northern Part Sewage Pipe Network and Pumping Station (1.5 tons / day) of Luoyuan Bay Development Zone, Xunayu Sewage Treatment Plant (60,000 tons / day) and Southern Part Sewage Pipe Network of Luoyuan Bay Development Zone. The project is located in Luoyuan County and Luoyuan Bay Development Zone.

Reasons and conditions:Luoyuan County has already had the sewage interception pipes, but there are some problems in the way they function: the inflow of the largeg amount of springs (rain water) lessoned the concentration of waste water, thus need for remediation. Luoyuan Bay Development Zone is based on the port and close to the industrial zone, with sound water and land transportation system, convenient cargo transportation and developed communication system.

Preliminary work:Northern Part Sewage Pipe Network and Pumping Station Project of Luoyuan Bay Development Zone has completed preparation of the project feasibility study report. Xuannyu Sewage Treatment Plant and Southern Part Sewage Pipe Network of Luoyuan Bay Development Zone have completed the preparation work of the planning.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 250 million yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:It is planned to construct the project by PPP way, after completion, the estimated income is 68% of the sewage treatment plant after tax, and the government repayment interest rate is 8% for the drainage facilities.

Contact us:Luoyuan County Urban Construction Development Co., Ltd.

Contact person:Zhang Mougen Tel:1396089***



94. 平潭综合实验区妇幼保健院项目招商引资







投资项目联系人:林小山 投资项目联系电话:1369689***



94. The MCH Hospital Project of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Region

Description:The project is located in the middle of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Region, covering an area of about 100 mu, of which the construction area is about 60 thousand square meters with 500 beds.

Reasons and conditions:For some historical reasons, the MCH work of Pingtan has a weak foundation and is lack of MCH talents. The medical equipment is obsolete and business houses are nervous, which cannot meet people’s current health needs. This project is one of the key livelihood projects for construction of "Healthy Pingtan Island".

Preliminary work: Currently, the feasibility study report is under preparation.

Total investment:The investment will be RMB 500 million yuan and cooperation only.

Analysis of economic benefits:After completion, it is expected to better meet the different levels of health care needs of the women and children in the region and surrounding areas, and promote the scientific developments of the region's health services.

Contact us:Regional Health Care and Family Planning Bureau

Contact person:Lin Xiaoshan Tel:1369689***



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