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77. Jiaocheng District Large Agricultural and Sideline Products Logistics Park Project

Description:The construction includes comprehensive management center, customer tertiary center, tourism distribution center, network information center, transaction settlement center, product exhibition center, product trading center, logistics operation center, quality inspection center these nine functional centers, the Project is located in Jingshang Area, Jinhan Village, Jiaocheng District, which is in the northwest of city area, closing to 104 National Road and Shenyang-Haikou double line.

Reasons and conditions:The project location Jingshang Area, downtown of Ninde City, is the most convenient sea access of east Fujian, it is an important gateway and frontier area for Taiwan, with outstanding transport of land, marine and air, it will become an important agricultural product distribution center in the southeast coast of China.

Preliminary work:The land acquisition has been completed, and is about to enter land supply phase.

Total investment:The total investment will be 160 million US Dollars.

Analysis of economic benefits:The project is expected to complete the annual trading volume of 250 thousand tons and the annual trading volume of RMB 2 billion yuan after completion.

Contact us:Jiaocheng District Jinhan She Group Town People’s Government

Contact person:Chen Quanshi Tel:1395053***



78. 泉州经济技术开发区2.5产业园项目招商引资








投资项目联系电话: 1340086***




78. Quanzhou Economic and Technological Development Area 2.5 Industrial Park Project

Description:The project aims to attract business office, R&D, cultural creativity, engineering design, e-commerce, modern logistics, media animation, financial tertiary, inspection and testing authentication, SME headquarters and other productive tertiary industry. The Project is located on No.69 Yushi Road, Qingmeng Park, Quanzhou Development Area.

Reasons and conditions:The Project is located in the core area of Qingmeng Park of the Development Area, it has convenient located with easy access to public transport and other facilities and is ready for development. Besides enjoying relevant preferential and supporting policies of state, province and city, enterprises which meet conditions of settlement can also enjoy special preferential policies of Quanzhou Development Area.

Preliminary work:Project feasibility study has been completed. Renovation project has been completed by 85%. Bidding and tendering and other preparatory work is underway.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 230 million yuan by the method of selling and leasing.

Analysis of economic benefits:After the completion of the Project, it will gather entrepreneurial innovation elements of resources, attracting nearly a hundred innovative companies settled in, and drive around 2000 makers to settle in the park, it is expected that the settled enterprises have a annual profit and tax of RMB 50 million yuan.

Contact us:Quanzhou Development Area Qingmeng Development and Construction Co., Ltd.

Contact person:Li Li Tel:1340086***




79. 福建(德化)农产品物流交易园项目招商引资






投资项目联系人:林先生 投资项目联系电话:0595-2363***




79. Fujian (Dehua) Agricultural Products Logistics Trading Park Project

Description:The project covers an area of about 200 mu, the construction includes: trading area (headquarter economic area, e-commerce area; commodity classification trading area of vegetable, fruit, meat, aquatic product etc.), public building facilities (large-scale cold storage, warehousing processing, parking lot), tertiary facilities (bank, communication, catering, hotel, express traders hotel, street business etc.), market facilities(office building, garbage disposal services, public toilet; power distribution, fire control, monitoring etc.). The Project is located in Dehua East Industrial Pa***

Reasons and conditions:After the completion of the project, the current old farmers market can be upgraded and integrated, and form a integrated industrial system with green agricultural products production base as foundation, agricultural products wholesale as main business with order production and deep processing of agricultural products, agricultural product information.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 500 million yuan by the method of solely investment or cooperation.

Analysis of economic benefits:After the completion of the Project, it will cover the radiation radius of 200 kilometers around the country and the major wholesale markets with annual trading volume of over 1 million tons, trading amount of over RMB 10 billion yuan and more than 5000 operating households.

Contact us:Dehua County Investment Promotion Office

Contact person:Mr. Lin Tel:0595-23639999 ,1350691***



80. 上杭县有色金属交易市场项目招商引资












80. Shanghang County Non-Ferrous Metals Trading Market Project

Description:It is a trading market of noble metal with annual electrolytic copper trading of 300 thousand tons and recycled copper of 100 thousand tons, building a trading market of stock, futures and recycled non-ferrous metal by Internet plus model. The total construction area is 10 thousand square meters. The Project is located in Shanghang County Industrial Park.

Reasons and conditions:Building non-ferrous metal trading market can improve the value of non-ferrous metal industry chain in Shanghang County and form non-ferrous metal pricing center. It will provide sales and financing services for enterprises and offer convenient and efficient non-ferrous metal industry investment services for investors.

Preliminary work:The Project feasibility study has been completed.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 2 billion yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:It is expected to have an annual output value of RMB 20 billion yuan and profit and tax of RMB 200 million yuan after completion.

Contact us:Shanghang County Cooper Industry Bureau

Contact person:Lin Qingguang Tel:13850635878 , 0597-313***

E-mail:13850635878 **[ta]**.com


81. 武夷新区健康养生中心开发项目招商引资












81. Wuyi New Area Health Care Center Development Project

Description:The project covers 1,000 mu, positioning at the medium and high-end customer groups of the government and enterprise elites, social celebrities etc with membership system. It is planned to develop physical examination, medical care, health rehabilitation, leisure and health care districts.

Reasons and conditions:The project is located at the foot of the Wuyi Mountain, the negative oxygen ions in the air are up to 130,000 per cubic centimeter. The Wuyi Mountain Forest Ecological Museum, Elite West Airlines Ecological Health Resort Town and other projects have been laid out. A number of projects in ecological health care, vacation travel and cultural creative industry will be located at the site, and the industry clusters and industry supporting are gradually playing their effects to lay a good foundation for the landing of subsequent tourism and health care projects.

Preliminary work:The project is under planning.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 1 billion yuan, attracting the powerful heath care enterprises both at home and abroad for solely development.

Analysis of economic benefits:The economic benefits depend on specific projects.

Contact us:Merchants Bureau of Wuyi New District Administrative Committee

Contact person:Wei Xianfeng Tel:0599-5671***

Contact person:Chen Jian Tel:1386003***



82. 建阳老年公寓建设项目招商引资











82. Jianyang Old Aged Apartment Construction Project

Description:The planned apartment building, supporting ancillary facilities and landscape parks cover a construction area of about 210 mu, with physiotherapy fitness center, rehabilitation center, library and learning center, chess entertainment center and service management center inside the new apartment building. The construction address is located at Shuiwei, Tongyou Street, Jianyang District.

Reasons and conditions: China has entered into the aging society, and the “Elderly market" is a market with great potential. The project is mainly for providing the elderly nursing services, medical services, catering services, cultural and recreational services, with comprehensive contents.

Preliminary work: At present, the project land acquisition work, preliminary planning and approval procedures have been completed,. The Jianyang District Government has firstly started the Social Welfare Center Project covering an area of 60 mu next to the project land.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 500 million yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits: After completion, the project costs can be recovered within 10 years.

Contact us:Jianyang District Development and Reform Bureau of Science and Technology

Contact person:Wang Tianlu Tel:1890599***

E-mail: jysjhj**[ta]**.com


83. 厦门“海天湾”游艇产业项目招商引资







投资项目联系人:陈静 投资项目联系电话:0592688***





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