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65. Fuzhou Software Yongtai Branch Investment Park Project

Description:The project is developed by Gulou district, Fuzhou Software Park and Yongtai County. The park will be a primary space for IT industrial research, development and manufacturing. The project is located on the other side of Zhonghai Pioneer Park, by the side of main road to Tianmen Shan scenic area, Geling County, Fuzhou city.

Reasons and conditions:Fuzhou software park is a “Software Industrial Bases under the State Torch Program” and be listed as the key project of investment and industrialization base. The stationed enterprises will develop rapidly by taking advantages of ecological, state and preferential policy of Fuzhou Software Park and additional poverty alleviation from the provincial government.

Preliminary work:Preliminary co-operation project proposal is finished.

Total investment:The investment for the first phrase is around RMB 1.35 billion yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:The economic benefits depend on specific projects.

Contact us:Yongtai County Bureau of Commerce

Contact person:Zheng Wei Tel:1390592***



66. 泉州软件园招商项目招商引资










66. Quanzhou Software Park Investment Project

Description:This is an investment project for Quanzhou Software Park. It will occupy floor space of 1018 mu, located in North part of Beifeng district, Quanzhou city center. It will be made by 3 functional sectors, research startup, software enterprises ABP base and business service center. The project will also be part of the project of Haixi (Guangzhou) Cloud Computing industrial portion. This portion will import software development and outsourced enterprises, and build a software and cloud computering talents base.

Reasons and conditions:Quanzhou Software Park is developed by county and municipal government with remarkable geographical advantages. Quanzhou has a good personal training and talent exchanging environment, which also create more opportunities for the park.

Preliminary work: The 1st phrase of 123 mu research startup sectors has been completed and put into service, including a multi-functional building, 9 research buildings, 2 apartment blocks and a culture and entertainment plaza. The 2nd phrase of infrastructure construction is running smoothly.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 2.4 billion yuan. The 1st phrase research startup section and the 2nd landscape area will be developed by government. The completed buildings will conduct cooperation by leasing or sale. The rest land can be transferred to companies for investment separately, according to construction planni***

Analysis of economic benefits: The project has good economic and social benefits.

Contact us:Quanzhou Software Park Construction and Development Co., Ltd.

Contact person:Xin Chuyang Tel:1359970***


67. 海西国家广告产业园(泉州园)招商项目招商引资








投资项目联系电话: 1350507***


67. Haixi National Advertising Industrial Park (Quanzhou Park) Investment Project

Description:The Project will adopt advertising, e-commerce, architecture, design, software, publishing, television video and other enterprises and individuals of advertising creative field to settle in business by leasing method. The Project will be located in the south side of Quanxiu Street, Quanzhou Ci***

Reason and conditions:Advertising industry and other cultural creative industries are emerging industries that are highly sought-after by various localities. Currently the Haixi National Advertising Industrial Park (Quanzhou Park) based on SHOW Tiandi Creative Park begins to take shape, it has been approved as advertising industrial park of national level in April 2014, providing overall policy support for the future development of the park.

Preliminary work:Infrastructures of 187 mu and plant reformation of 37 buildings in west area have been completed, creative office building and cultural leisure district have been built, more than 150 advertising creative production enterprises have been introduced.

Total investment:The project requires an investment of RMB 2 billion yuan and introduces investment operators by the method of the sole proprietorship, cooperation etc.

Analysis of economic benefits:The economic benefits depend on specific projects.

Contact us:Haixi National Advertising Industrial Park (Quanzhou Park) Management Committee

Contact person:Zheng Weiping Tel:1350507***


68. 武夷新区芹口生物医药物流园招商项目招商引资







投资项目联系人:危贤锋 投资项目联系电话:0599-567***




68. Wuyi New District Qinkou Biological Pharmaceutical Logistics Park Investment Project

Description:It is a pharmaceutical distribution project dealing with wholesale business of biological pharmaceutical products, health products and medical equipment; it will be built into a large pharmaceutical logistics park with multiple functions of storage, preservation and maintenance, transport, packing and commodity distribution. The Project is located in Qinkou Commercial Logistics Park, Qinkou Area, Wuyi New District.

Reasons and conditions:Qinkou area is conveniently located, it is an important warehousing and logistics park connecting Tongyou and Jiangkou Industrial Park and goods in surrounding counties and cities, it will strongly develop air cargo, logistics warehousing, regional commerce and other industries. The convenience of logistics provides opportunities for the development of e-commerce market as well.

Preliminary work:The Qinkou Commerce Logistics Park where Qinkou Biological Pharmaceutical is located has completed the compiling work of control regulations and municipal special planning. The construction of five main roads in this area and field leveling engineering is underway.

Total investment:We welcome competent domestic and foreign pharmaceutical logistics enterprises to settle in, with construction investment by settled over RMB 50 million yuan and the registered capital over RMB 20 million yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:The economic benefits depend on specific projects.

Contact us:Wuyi New District Management Committee Investment Promotion Bureau

Contact person:Wei Xianfeng Tel:0599-5671***

Contact person:Chen Jian Tel:1386003***



69. 三明市大坂现代物流园项目招商引资







投资项目联系人:张苏明 投资项目联系电话:0598-831***




69. Sanming City Osaka Modern Logistics Park Project

Description:The project with a land area of 3060 mu aims to build a modern logistics park of transport, transit, warehousing, distribution, e-commerce and other functions with integrated tertiary in one.

Reasons and conditions:Sanming is located in the middle of Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Nanchang, and the connection of northeast and southwest of Fujian. It is the connecting belt of Fujian coast and central and western region; it is an important region for West Coast deep development, West-East connection and South-North link. It is also the important connecting belt of southeast coast and central and western region.

Preliminary work:Project feasibility study has been completed.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 800 million yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:The average annual revenue will be RMB 99 million yuan, average annual total profit is RMB 39.9 million yuan after the project is completed and put into operation. The period of investment recovery is 15.7 years (including construction period).

Contact us:Fujian Sanyuan Economic Development Area Management Committee

Contact person:Zhang Suming Tel:0598-8318***

Contact person:Chen Jian Tel:1350756***



70. 莆田总部商务区招商项目



投资项目前期工作进展情况: 6栋总部办公大楼已陆续开始内外装修,商务区内的住宅楼盘2015年开始陆续交付使用,周边已有一座正常经营的星级酒店。




投资项目联系人:胡俊英 投资项目联系电话:1395959***




70. Putian Headquarter Business Area Investment Project

Description:It is planned to introduce bank, finance, insurance company, hacker space and other enterprises to settle in, to introduce R&D industry, tertiary outsourcing, financial and commercial center and enterprises headquarters of all productive tertiary. The Project is located at Xitianwei Town, Licheng District, Putian City.

Reasons and conditions:Putian Headquarter Business Area is located in the center of Putian Chenghan with only 5 minutes’ driving distance from downtown. It has a land area of 659 Mu, currently the construction of office building and resident building have been basically completed; the central park has already been put into use.

Preliminary work:Six office buildings have started internal and external decoration. The residential real estate in business area begins to deliver for use in 2015. There is a star hotel in normal operation surround***

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 7 billion yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:Preferential settled condition, excellent office environment, convenient traffic, rare office area close to the city.

Contact us:Xitianwei Town, Licheng District, Putian City

Contact person:Hu Junying Tel:1395959***




71. 太湖农副产品冷链物流中心项目招商引资







投资项目联系人:柯黎明 投资项目联系电话:1395958***



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