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46. Sanming Shipbuilding Steel Plate Processing Project with 10, 000-ton Capacity

Description: This project is to build a production line for shipbuilding steel plate processing with 10,000-ton capacity. It will be located in Xiaojiao Industrial Park, Meilie Economic Development Zone.

Reasons and conditions:The market demand for steel plate with surface antiseptic treatment is growing. The price of the steel sheets can be distinctively increased after surface treatment, like de-scaling, de-rusting and rot finish. The market demand for this treatment is rapidly growing. Therefore this project is necessary and has a good prospect.

Preliminary work:Feasibility study has been finished.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 150 million yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:Once the project is put into operation, it is expected to achieve annual sales income of RMB 320 million yuan and the profit ratio of investment will be over 20%.

Contact us: Fujian Meilie Economic Development Zone Council

Contact person:Zhu Bin Tel:0598-8366***

Contact person:Chen Jian Tel:1366598***



47. 福建(大田)机械铸锻集中区开发项目


投资项目建设理由和条件: 大田县境内矿产资源丰富,尤其是铁矿石和煤炭储量较大(已探明煤炭储量2.9亿吨、铁矿石1.5亿吨)。大田的矿山机械、人造板机械已有近30年的发展历史,产业基础具有优势。

投资项目前期工作进展情况: 已委托浙江大学城乡规划设计院对工业集中区进行总体规划,并通过专家评审。完成平整土地1300亩。

投资项目总额: 5.5亿元人民币。



投资项目联系人:涂剑澎 投资项目联系电话:1800698***



47. Fujian (Da Tian) Casting and Forging Mechanical Industrial Concentration District Development Project

Description:The development project aims to attract projects of casting, mechanical manufacturing, instrument manufacturing and building material production. It will be located at Shangjing industrial park in Datian District.

Reasons and conditions: The project has geographical and historical advantages. Datian district is very rich in mineral resources, especially iron ore and coal. The reserves include 290 million tons of coal and 150 million tons of iron ore. There is over 30 years of history in production of mining machinery and wood based panel machinery. The local industrial foundation is strong.

Preliminary work:The overall planning has been entrusted to Zhejiang University Urban-rural Planning and Design Institute, and approved by experts. 1300 mu (about 214.16 acres) of land has been leveled.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 550 million yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:Once the project is put into operation, the park can attract hundreds of companies and accelerate the industrial transformation along the coast of South Fujian.

Contact us:Datian County Commission of Economic and Information

Contact person:Tu Jianpeng Tel:1800698***



48. 平和柚子生物技术开发项目招商引资







投资项目联系人:陈盛林 投资项目联系电话: 1360508***

投资项目联系传真: 0596-523***


48. Pinghe Pomelo Combination Development Project

Description:This development and construction project of pomelo is located in Shange Town, Pinghe County, Fujian Province. The project involved in constructing facilities like workshops and warehouses, and forming a production line for insulin-like substance and folic acid biotechnology drugs.

Reasons and conditions: Citrus gandis Osbeck can be used as raw material for wide antimicrobial spectrum, including antiviral anti-aging chemical products, beverage and healthy food. It can meet the people’s need for a green and healthy life. The project has a good market prospect.

Preliminary work:Feasibility study is undergoing.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 100 million yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:Once the project is put into operation, the anticipated revenue will increase by 50 million yuan per year; financial internal rate of return will be approximately 12%; and payback period will be about 3 yea***

Contact us: Merchants Bureau of Pinghe County

Contact person:Chen Shenglin Tel:1360508***

Fax: 0596-523***


49. 武夷高新技术相关产业项目招商引资










49. Wuyi High-Tech Related Industrial Pioneer Park Construction Project

Description:Wuyi High-tech Related Industrial Pioneer Park aims to attract high-technical high value-added enterprises in bio-medical, food and electrical sectors globally.

Reasons and conditions:Wuyi High-tech Related Industrial Pioneer Park has a good industrial model. Over 80 enterprises, covering food processing, biomedical and environmental new material sectors, have moved into the nearby Tongyou industrial park.

Preliminary work:The overall panning and promoting are underway. The main constructions for standard factory facilities are completed. Constructions for assorted municipal road are undergoing. Phase one will cover gross area of 202,000 square meters, including standard factory facilities 95,000 square meters, industrial public facilities 21,000 square meters and residential area 83,000 square meters.

Total investment:The investment plan will be formulated in accordance with the specific project.

Analysis of economic benefits:The economic benefits depend on how specific projects go on.

Contact us: Nanping Wuyi New High-Tech Industrial Park Co.,Ltd .

Contact person:Zhang Chengming



50. 武夷新区新材料新能源产业园招商项目招商引资










50. Wuyi High-Tech Related Industrial Pioneer Park Investment Promoting Project

Description:This project is to attract investment for Wuyi High-tech Related Industrial Pioneer Park. The park is located in concentrated zone of composite template material inorganic composite thermal insulation board manufactures, LED producers, Huanan distributed energy station and Jinboyi dynamics and storage li-ion battery. The pioneer park will focus on attracting sectors with high potential of formatting an industrial chains, good marketing prospects, high technical and environmental new material and energies.

Reasons and conditions:The location of Wuyi high-tech related industrial Pioneer Park is the joint of Fujian, Zhjejiang and Jiangxi. It has geographical advantages. It is the development park for the Wuyi new district and enjoys the favorable policies.

Preliminary work:Planning and promoting are underway. The construction of assorted municipal road and land leveling has started.

Total investment:The investment plan will be formulated in accordance with the specific project.

Analysis of economic benefits:The economic benefits depend on how specific projects go on.

Contact us: Nanping Wuyi New High-Tech Industrial Park Co.,Ltd.

Contact person:Zhang Chengming Tel:1333855***


51. 漳州招商局经济技术开发区食品工业项目招商引资











51. Changzhou Food Industrial Park Development Project

Description:This is the development project located in national grade Zhangzhou Merchants’ economic-industrial park, Hou shigang District. This project focuses on importing enterprises in snakes, fancy food, aquatic product processing and deep food processing sectors.

Reasons and conditions:Zhangzhou economic-industrial Park has newly improved infrastructures and is rich in water resource. Currently the Louis Dreyfus (Fujian) Refined Sugar Co.,Ltd, is invested by one of World Fortune 500 companies-Louis Dreyfus Group. The company has been put into operation since 2014, with a capacity of 300,000-ton refinery sugar every year. The rock sugar processing and storage for raw sugar project is under negotiation.

Preliminary work:The planning and some infrastructure of the industrial have been completed.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 1 billion yuan.

Contact us:Zhangzhou Economic Development Board of Economic-Industrial Zone

Contact person:Xiao Lin Tel:1364608***

Fax:0596-6856222 Email:liuwei1**[ta]**k.com


52. 南日岛海洋牧场项目招商引资











52. Nanri Island Ocean Farm Project

Description:With the natural advantages of ocenic environment, the project aims to round up economic marine lifes released by people and build a large artificial fishery engaging in the farming of fish, lobsters, shrimps and shellfish. Project location:Nanri Island, Yuexiu District, Putian.

Reasons and conditions:Nanri is the biggest offshore island in Fujian province, a big fishing town, a science and technology demonstration town and one of the five national Compressive developments of marine economic zones. It has excellent quality shrimps, sea cucumbers, kelps, all kinds of seaweed, lemaneiformis, bangia fusco-purpurea, garrupa and swing crab. This island ranks second in the province in terms of output of aquaculture production. It has rich marine resources and good geographical advantages, and abundant in abalone.

Preliminary work:The project is in the primary stage of planning and promotion.

Total investment:The investment plan depends on specific projects.

Analysis of economic benefits:The economic benefits depend on specific projects.

Contact us:Merchants Bureau of Xiuyu District, Putian City

Contact person:Yang Zhi Tel:1805051***



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